Video Poker Tips

We give you the basics of all tips, which you must learn and which will definitely improve your game a great deal if you apply them.

How to Play

In Video Poker, your game is against the machine, and the rest of the rules remain the same as that of the draw poker. You will see that you are dealt five cards by the machine, and you are allowed to take five different cards, or these ones. Whenever you are okay with a given card, you press the 'okay' button. Otherwise, you go for the "Play" button.

Tips for winning!

  • Starting it off nicely!

    With a card deck that has 52 cards, and a total number of 2,598,960 combinations, we can clearly see the odds which are not that much. A program within the machine of video poker is executed, and usually the casinos make an adjustment of the pay tables so that the house also has an edge. Remember that it is only when you get a flush or royal flush, or a full house that your pay out differs, otherwise it remains the same.

    In conclusion, you can see that your odds are best if you go for the machines that pay you the maximum.

  • Play the maximum coins.

    You will be paid by a factor of five if the number of coins you have bet is five. However, the payout is greater if you end up with a lucky royal flush. This way, you are given a chance of winning a royal flush and to get it, you have to bet five coins.

    Unless you play five coins, there is no chance of you getting a royal flush, and then you can't increase your wins at all.

  • Aim for a long-term win.

    Always try to establish your bankroll in any way possible, and build upon it. From your own money that you bet, and the rest of the hands-the key is to have patience, and play sensibly not just for an hour, but for a much longer period of time. If you have the right stroke of luck that you need, and it usually comes if you wait for it, then you will definitely win.

  • Do it with a strategy

    Explore more strategies and smart tips which relate to video poker, if you are really interested in improving your winnings at video poker. You will learn soon that these strategies have a subtle difference when compared, but just know that most of them work and indeed contributing in improving your game.

    Check out the strategy cards and keep one or two for yourself, so that you can use it when you need it.

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