Terms of Conditions

Some Actions

You have to know that you are only playing for having entertainment though you are playing with betting. You need not to feel that you are playing professionally in this site and you just consider the enjoyment. This site is not straightly permitting you to play with cash betting.

Though this website straightly against the cash betting play but there may some people who are continuing to play with cash betting and in this case the website doesn't want to carry any responsibilities. Most of the cash betting is illegal and there may cause unexpected maters in several times so this website doesn't support the cash betting.

The registering process will begin for the downloading the software and the process will end by fulfilling the identity forms which is offered by the website. This time you have to fill your identity step by step like your first name, last name, address, road's number, housing number, zip or postal code, city and state etc. this process will automatically open while you want to sign up because this website lets you access their transaction media and in this section they will need to have the correct information about you that they can trust you.

This site will not receive any responsibilities about any damaged which are caused by the internet browser or your personal server.

You should keep the information of your account. Your user name and the password are the most important parts of this website so you have to keep in mind. If you forget this then this website will not get this responsibility and they will not help you out.

You will not be able to use your account for other and you have to follow that the other people are not using your account and also not having the prizes or not withdraw.


You have to be the warrantor of this agreement is that while you are going to play through this website you have read and understood all of their requirements. You are agreeing with their gaming requirements and with the withdrawal method. You should consider their informing method. You will never access their personal website for your own commercial purposes. Above of these agreements are obeyed by you, it should clear first.

However, its no matter to play with this site but you should obey their terms and the conditions to have pleasure.

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