Roulette Rules

Roulette is a very simple game but it is very exciting indeed. It is a game that is totally dependant upon chance. It has three major parts i.e. a wheel, a betting chart and an ivory ball. The wheel has got 38 slots, half of them are of red color and half of them are black and there are two green slots that are marked as 0 and 00.

The players have to bet against the house and when the amount of bet money gets greater than the minimum required amount to bet, and then the ball is tossed into the wheel. If the ball comes to the rest against the bet number by which the bet has been placed by the player, then the player wins the stakes. The players are bound not to bet beyond some certain limitations of money.

There are some rules to follow for 'Roulette' as well as every game has, and they are described below. To become an effective roller player, you need to follow these rules.

Rules to Follow

Roulette chips are required only to be purchased in stacks that contain 20 chips and each of the players gets a chip that is different to the other in its color. If a player wants that the chip must b valued at $5, then he must shell out $100 for 20 chips.

Straight-up bet is the simplest form of bet in Roulette in which a player can pick any number from those 37 numbers and puts his chips against the number and if the dolly stops at the same number then he'll be the winner. But these single number bets are the most risky ones and carry risks of 35:1.The risk gets very low if bets are placed on any 12 numbers, as it is 2:1. And for 2 numbers the risk is 17:1.

In Roulette, the best part is that you don't have to wait for the other players to finish their turns. You have basically two types of bets in Roulette-which are called inside and outside. When you are placing inside bets, you should make sure that all your bets amount to the total on the board at least. However, if you are ready to bet an amount which exceeds this amount, then of course you can do this.

When it comes to outside bets, it is the numbers which are placed on the outer region of the table which are used to make and place bets.

The bets including inside bets have got some specific amount of numbers and the sum of these amount of numbers should not be lesser than that of the minimum on board.

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