Privacy Statement

To the General Public

There are times when we will ask you to disclose certain information via contests or surveys. Your participation in our contests or surveys is voluntary, though, so you have the choice to give us certain information or not. The information we request might include general contact information (like your email address) or demographic information. The information we obtain from surveys, on the other hand, will only be used with the purpose of improving or monitoring the satisfaction and use of this website.

If we provide our users with message boards or chat rooms, always remember that all of the information you disclose in those areas will automatically become available to the public. Therefore, please remember to exercise caution if you decide to give out any personal information therein.

On Security and Information

We take many precautions in order to prevent the alteration, misuse, and loss of all the information we control. Whenever you submit any personal information through our website, that information will be protected both offline and online. Though we make use of encryption in order to protect online user information, we also make sure that we do everything we can to protect that information offline. We store personal information on secure servers, too. If you want to ask any questions regarding our site's security, please feel free to email us.

In order to help our site fulfill its customer obligations efficiently, we are required to supplement any information we obtain with certain information from other sources or parties. We send new members emails, welcoming them and prompting them to verify their usernames and passwords. On the other hand, we send established members a newsletter with information about our services and clients. In order to respect our users' privacy, we provide them with the option to discontinue receiving these kinds of communications, though.

If any of your personal information changes (like your email, for instance), or you choose to no longer take part in our services, you can update, correct, or completely remove all of your provided data. In order to do this, simply go to our website's member information section, or email our Customer Support.

If you do not want to receive any of our newsletters, information about services and products, promotional materials, or surveys anymore, you can choose to discontinue receiving these types of communications by going to our "My Account" section.

If we ever choose to modify our company's privacy statement, those changes will be immediately posted on our website's Homepage, as well as in our daily newsletter. If we decide to change how we use our users' personal information, you will be notified through email or through our newsletter.

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