Online Casino Rules

The promotional bonuses are redeemable for cash only if the casino approves it. These bonuses are readily used for generating the winnings. The entire bonus is removed from the player's account. The player does not receive the bonuses as it is deducted from their winnings in the casino.

  • The player places his bets only after redeeming their bonus. This is how they can claim their promotional bonus. Imagine that just before the time of claiming the bonus, the player refuses to accept the bonus. This implies that the player wants to redeem the bonus. If he or she comes across any problem in doing so then the matters are taken to the casino management.
  • There is a strict condemnation to the policy of back to back promotions. This could result in cancellation of all the winnings of that player. Also, the redemption of the promotional bonuses is strictly prohibited if there are pending withdrawals. This is only possible if the casino approves this.
  • The casino returns the original deposit of the player who commits the crime of using the UN -offered promotional bonuses. This also results in removal of the earnings earned by him or her with these bonuses.
  • If a player gets an offer for using the promotional bonus on various games, then the requirement of the game which needs the maximum amount of promotional bonus for withdrawal is added to the bonus.

Play Through Requirements

  • The deposit amount added to a given number multiplied by the redeemed bonus will give the wagering requirements. This number will depend on the wagering requirement for the bonus.
  • Suppose a player deposits 100$ in the first place and wants to have 100% bonus and the number for the wage requirement is 12 than he cannot withdraw the sum before the player wages 2400$ i.e. (100+100)$ *12= 2400.

Maximum Withdrawal

  • It is always deposit dependent. The more you deposit the more you can withdraw.
  • If an amount is withdrawn then the bonus amount is deducted from the total amount of withdrawal.
  • Suppose a player has 2000 $ with him and the accepted bonus was 500 $ then the amount received at the time of withdrawal would be 1500$.
  • The cancellation of the pending withdrawal is essential if a player wants some promotional bonuses of any kind. These offers can include cash-backs, free chips or comp points etc. A player cannot ask for a promotional offer after his withdrawal has been approved.
  • There is no promotional bonus on any sort of cancellation of withdrawal pertaining to a player. This is only possible in one condition. The casino has to approve it with player's consent after which the amount is directly transacted to the player's account.
  • A player cannot exceed the max cash out on coupon. If the player exceeds then the remaining money would automatically be voided and no other promotions or comp points on this amount will remain valid. This is independent of the condition of withdrawal process.

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Online Casino Rules

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