Craps Rules

A specially designated player is named as a "shooter", and everybody else must place bets before the dice is rolled by the shooter.

We briefly discuss here the major types of craps wagers:

The famous pass line

The two, three and twelve, known as the 'craps', make you lose. You will often hear the ter 'come out roll', which is another way of referring to the first roll. Similarly, the term 'point' refers to the number you get when the dice is rolled, and if your point is seven, then you win.

Don't pass line

This is quite the contrary of the Pass Line. Because a player wins on a seven or eleven when it's the pass line, here you lose when you get these numbers. However, if the shooter gets a seven, then you win, only if this is not the first roll

Come bets

Whenever say you win on a natural, it means that you have won on '7' and '11'. So you win on a natural here, and you lose when you get craps. Here, the term 'come point' is usually used.

Don't come bets

'12' becomes a tie here, and this is quite similar to the case of pass line and 'don't pass line' bets. So you lose if your make your "come point" prior to a '7', and you lose when you get 7 or 11.


You win if you make your points, (but remember that this should all be done before seven comes up), after you make your point on the come roll, or the roll after this roll. Here are the pays:

  • If you get a 4, or a 10, then it's 2-to-1.
  • If you get a 5 or 9, then it's 3-to-2.
  • If it's a 6 or 8, then it's 6-to-5.

Place bets

Place bets can be made, but not on numbers three, seven, eleven, and twelve, one and two, and it must be made after the shooter has a point. If what the shooter gets is different, then you get different payouts.9-to5 on 4,10; 7-to5 on 5,9, and on 6 and 8, you get 7-to6.

Field bets

For numbers eleven, ten, nine and four and three, you win one-to-one. You win twice if you get a two. And the biggest win, which is thrice, is when you get a twelve. Otherwise, you lose.

Proposition bets

You get the numbers that belong to the 'craps, you get 8-to-1. You get 31-to1 for 'two' and 'twelve'. And it's 16-to1 if you get a '3' or '11'.


Here, if the number that comes up is not equal to the one which is on the table, then you lose, and if the opposite happens, you of course win!

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