Casino Gambling Basic Rules and Traditions

Before you visit the online casino find out what you should expect there. Read casino gambling most common rules and recommendations.

Useful Casino Rules and Set of Advice
Casino Gambling Rules
  • Usually casinos offer their visitors free alcoholic beverages. It is usually prohibited by the local authorities, so you may be offered coffee or soft drinks.
  • The denomination in slots and video poker machines is either showed on a screen or painted on the glass. Before playing any of the casino games in land based and online casinos, read the wagering requirements in particular case.
  • Each table is marked with special signs indicating the minimum and maximum wagers amounts. They are usually multi-colored:

    White sign - $1

    Red sign - $5

    Green sign - $25

    Black sign - $100 (according to the chips' values and colors).

    Sometimes table minimum can change during the day, so watch it attentively.

  • Currency should be changed for chips directly at the playing table. It is important to remember: never give the money to the dealer - place it on the table and he'll take from there. The money will be pushed in special drop box.
  • To make the opposite action, you should go to the cashier's booth and receive the cash for your winning chips. The dealer is allowed to chance only small denominations chips for bigger ones.
  • We recommend you the minimum bankrolls for 2-hour play in the casino:

  • The game rules for one game can be different in every casino, so read them attentively before playing session.
  • Not only the casino dealers control the game, but also the pit bosses, who are watching the entire gambling process. They are responsible for peculiar casino areas and watch the game rules keeping.
  • One of the most famous casino customs is giving tips to the casino dealer. This is usually not big amount of money, but the casino etiquette requires doing this.

Bankroll Rules

Find out how to receive the best online casino payouts playing your favorite casino games. Make everything possible to get the advantage over the casino. Don't lose your chance!

Bonuses Rules

Learn what are the most popular casino bonus offers and the rules of receiving them. Make sure you understand them before playing in the online casinos.

Casino Rules

To become the successful casino gambler one should know not only the games rules, but to understand the casino rules properly and use them accurately.

Online Casino Rules

Online casino gambling establishments differ from their land based colleagues and have their particular rules of gambling. Make sure you know and understand all of them.