Baccarat Rules

It will seem that winning is so easy, and that you're just on the verge of a huge win, and suddenly you'll realize that you have ended up losing a lot of money!

There are basically three choices to make bets on, which every player does, and these are the 'banker', the 'tie', and the 'player'. You can score on range of zero to nine, and your aim should to be maximize this score and bring it as close to nine as possible.

The Basic Baccarat Hands

As we just mentioned earlier, the baccarat hand starts off when each player has made bets on the three choices that are there, meaning that everybody has selected his or her option, from the set of three option-- "player," "banker," or "tie." Next what begins is the dealing of these cards. The banker hand is constituted by two cards, and same holds true for the player hand.

Then the sums are calculated for every baccarat hand. '0' is the score given to face cards and the 'tens', you score '1' when you have an ace card, and for the rest of the cards, the score nothing but the number on them. However, whenever the total sum exceeds nine, the last digit becomes your score. Let's take an example-if your hands were 6 and 5, then your sum is 11, but your score is only 1.

It is all on these values of the sums that it gets decided whether the third card should be dealt, and to whom. Betting on hand that is most near to nine will win, and if there's a tie, then you should bet on the tie to win.

Third Card

Whenever there's a situation which calls for a third card to be dealt to some players, then these must be followed:

  1. The betting hands stand if the score of the baccarat hand is eight or nine. Please note that this rule is to be given preference over all the other rules.
  2. A third card is given if the score of the player is less than or equal to five.
  3. If no third card is given to the players, the chance is given to the banker-he is given the third card if he has 5 or less than 5 score.

Mini Baccarat

Real and true baccarat is rare, and you won't find it easily, since it's only played in very posh and elite casinos where gigantic money bets are made by rich people. However, you can go for Mini-Baccarat which is just baccarat, with the flavor of the true baccarat.

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